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    Providing insights to your businesses - drive growth forward.

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    Target the right audience for your product.

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    Target the right audience

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Welcome To Excelle Insights

We offer you an unparalled insight into different markets, consumer groups and marketing avenues.

About Us

Who are we?

Excelle Insights is a leading consultancy firm in market research. We provide valuable information that updates you on the latest trends in the market, buying habits of customers and competitor activities. It is futile to run a business based on assumptions. You need solid data that will help you to make impactful decisions to drive growth in your business.

‘Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.’ - Benjamin Franklin

The techniques that we use involve both qualitative: focus groups, individual interviews and observations as well as quantitative: online surveys, paper surveys, mobile surveys, face-to-face interviews and telephone interviews.


1. Business Softwares

Business Success has become synonymous with the business systems in place. Having the right product in not enough. Every organisation requires the right software(s). In a world where hundreds of new business softwares are developed daily and prompted as the panacea of all challenges, great insight need be applied before settling on any. Excelle Insights helps you identify the right software(s).

2. Consumer and Shopper Research

No company can afford to disregard the importance of satisfaction and loyalty from customers, their needs and reactions to brands. At Excelle Insights, we help our clients to understand the path to purchase and the points of influence, that is: word of mouth, retailer and impact of activation.

3. Advertising Research

When brands identify the factors that influence their customers, they have the opportunity to develop a strategy, a marketing message and advertising campaigns that resonate with the thinking of their target customers. With our advertising tools we measure what matters to you so that you can attract customers, create demand and promote sales.

4. New Product or Service Research

The success or failure of any product or service is largely based on whether or not people will use it. Excelle Insights identifies what you should know when developing and launching a new product or service: the need in the market, competitors, unique features and benefits that separate your offer from the others, pricing and expected return on investment.

5. Data Collection

Inaccurate data can be costly and leads to invalid results. Excelle Insights has field staff that is extensively trained in data collection. We offer various data collection services: mobile-based, web-based, mixed-mode, interviews and focus groups.

6. Retail Research

Find out what is happening in your key channels and improve their performance. We help you to track data for all your key channels and check on product availability across the day or week, distribution and sales opportunities.

In addition to, get to understand the key areas in the store. That is, Merchandizing, Shelf space, Displays, In-store promotions, Out-of-stock issues, Category management and Product visibility.