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Mobile Apps Development

Looking for a mobile application that can help you streamline your real estate operations in Kenya? Excelle Insights has the perfect solution for you. Our mobile applications are designed to redefine efficiency and convenience for both clients and staff members in the real estate industry.

Here's what you can expect from our apps:

Clients App

- Effortless Transactions.

Our Excelle PRO CRM Clients App is designed to facilitate effortless transactions for clients. With our app, clients can easily explore prime real estate, discover, transact, and communicate seamlessly – all in one place. Our app provides financial clarity and document accessibility, allowing clients to access and download essential documents linked to their purchased unit(s) directly from the app.

- Seamless Communication.

Our app fosters seamless communication between clients and company team members or linked agents, ensuring a smooth and personalized experience. Clients can explore current offerings and express interest in units that have captured their imagination. Our app ensures that clients are always up-to-date, providing real-time updates on their transactions.

- Comprehensive Financial Overview.

Our app provides clients with a comprehensive financial overview, keeping them informed about their past and upcoming payments. Clients can easily view their statements and payment history at any time.

- Unit Booking.

Our app also allows clients to book units on-site, making it convenient for them to make quick decisions and secure their desired units.

Sales App

- Enhanced Efficiency.

The Excelle Sales App is designed to empower staff members with cutting-edge tools that enhance efficiency. Our app provides task approval, lead, and client management, and campaign integration features, collaboration features so that staff members never miss a mark on their targets.

- Streamlined Workflow.

Our app ensures that the workflow is streamlined, with staff members able to effortlessly view and approve tasks assigned to them. Staff members can also add new leads and clients with ease, fostering efficient prospect and client interactions. Our app ensures that staff members are always up-to-date on their tasks, providing real-time updates and reminders.

- Comprehensive Follow-up Features.

Our app provides staff members with comprehensive follow-up features, enhancing client relationships and ensuring satisfaction. Staff members can easily track client interactions and follow up on any pending tasks or requests.

- Collaborative Selling.

Our app also allows staff members to collaborate in real-time, making sales or booking units on-site. This feature ensures that staff members can work together seamlessly, providing a smooth and personalized experience for clients.

Partner with Excelle Insights for your mobile application development needs and take your real estate business to the next level. Our specialized CRM software solutions cater to the unique needs of the Kenyan real estate market, delivering valuable insights, enhancing customer experiences, and promoting business growth.

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